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Happy Families and Confident Parents

Noah, 9, bounces from one couch cushion to the other. He giggles as his glasses fly off his face. His mom beams and gives him a quick hug before he darts down the hall.

This wasn’t always the picture in this house. Smiles and laughter were rare.

Complex Care in a Caring Community

While living on the streets in Dorchester, Tim started having medical complications. With the help of his family, he connected with a doctor and found out he had Multiple Sclerosis (MS), an unpredictable, often disabling disease that attacks the central nervous system. 

Millen at the heart of Advocates’ team

When asked how long he has worked at the communitybased human services provider, Advocates, Director of Clinical Services, Developmental Services (DS) Division Eric Millen said, “Thirty years this past Valentine’s Day.”

Career Path: Linda Griffith

Linda Griffith, program director, Brain Injury Residential Services, (and Certified Brain Injury Specialist) says her goal is to help as many people with brain injuries as possible