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Caregiver Highlight: Annette Hines

Living in a world where you don’t feel included in your own hometown can be very lonely and difficult, something Annette Hines and her daughter, Elizabeth, faced for many years.

Caregiver Highlight: Cathe Carpenter

When you are exhausted by endless days of caregiving, it can help to look for support from others who are also on a similar path. And today’s caregivers can look to those who trod that path before them. People like Cathe Carpenter.

A Second Home Found

While many people who face a variety of life challenges can thrive in a group home setting, this was not the right solution for David.

Rhea Gallagher: a mother, caregiver, and advocate

Being an advocate is not easy. Even after 40 years, Rhea still finds it difficult, and understands why many parents don’t do it.