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Co-Response Covid Corner: Katelyn's Reflections

Monthly Reflections on Care in the Pandemic

Advocates Co-Response Training & Technical Assistance Center
June 30, 2021

As we continue moving through our collective life in the Covid-19 pandemic, we at Advocates Co-Response Training and Technical Assistance Center (CR-TTAC) have worked with our partners to offer care while also being members of our shared communities.

Each month, we will highlight reflections from members of our clinical staff who share what they have been learning, offering, receiving, and thinking about as they engage this work in challenging circumstances.

This month, Katelyn Dehey - Jail Diversion Program Manager - shares her thoughts in response to the guiding question: what has been most life-giving working in the pandemic? 

Katelyn's Reflections

What has been most life-giving?

As a manager/supervisor, what has been most life-giving to me during this pandemic is seeing the amazing work my team continued to engage in during such challenging times. Minus a COVID quarantine here and there, our CoResponse clinicians never stopped responding to calls with our police partners. They worked tirelessly to engage and connect with members of the community with empathy and compassion – they always do this well, but it proved to be challenging to do while donning face masks, shields, gloves, and other various forms of PPE. One clinician reflected that even though she knew it put her own health at risk, she removed her mask while assisting the police with a death notification because it just didn’t feel good to offer her support in that situation when they couldn’t see her face. I can’t describe in words how proud I am of our team and the work that they have done in this unprecedented past year.