Friendship Project, Advocates Volunteer Program

Friendship Project

Connecting community volunteers with individuals supported by Advocates. 

Volunteers can make a significant difference in a person’s life. Many people supported by Advocates spend their days only with people who are paid to be there. While our staff perform a vital function in our community, individuals are looking for companionship and friendship.

At Advocates, we are looking for volunteers to take an active role in the lives of people we support who face many of life’s challenges, including mental health, developmental and intellectual disabilities, and autism. These volunteer opportunities may include making a weekly check in call, taking someone bowling once a month, helping someone to pack up their apartment for a move—the list is endless and would be decided between you and the participant.

We want everyone to be comfortable. Volunteers will participate in a general introductory volunteer training, as well as training specific to the person and task involved in the volunteer experience.

We also want everyone to feel safe. All volunteers will be required to complete a background check form (CORI) and fingerprinting before starting the volunteer experience. The cost of the fingerprinting will be reimbursed by Advocates.

Thank you for considering this opportunity. This could be the start of changing lives and building friendships!



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