Noel: From Recovery Home Resident to Program Director


Noel had a good job, a college degree, and an active social life. On weekends, he went to clubs with friends. Life was good. Things quickly went downhill when he was arrested and spent six weeks in jail.

“My vision of an addict was someone who shot up on the streets,” says Noel. “I only used at night or on weekends. I didn’t think I had a problem.”

After Noel was released from jail, he had no money, job, or apartment. Staff at the jail recommended he go to Channing House, Advocates’ addiction recovery home for men. After attending group meetings, therapy, and getting to know the other residents, Noel realized he had a problem. He decided to stay and get help. He graduated from Channing House six months later.

Today, Noel is the program director at Channing House, where he helps men in situations similar to his. He understands that they are recovering from addiction, have broken relationships, and may have been homeless or spent time in jail. Many have lost their sense of self-worth.

Noel is proof that recovery is possible. He and the other staff help the residents recognize, avoid, and cope with triggering situations, supporting them in their journey to recovery.

“My goal is to help the men live healthy, sober, productive lives. I am doing it, and they can too,” says Noel.