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Agnes, Jenny, and Grace: A Driving Force


One of our favorite examples of Caring Partnership is the remarkable collaboration represented by Advocates’ West Roxbury group home for five young men of Chinese heritage who have intellectual disabilities. The home is unique not only because it incorporates aspects of the residents’ Chinese culture but also because of the family members’ ongoing involvement in its creation and success—from finding and decorating the home, to stocking the pantry, and helping to hire Chinese-speaking staff. Agnes Wong, Jenny Chan, and Grace Wu—parents and guardian of three residents—are the driving force behind a group home that truly feels like home. Ultimately, the home gives the men who live there the cultural experiences, family bonds, and staff support they need to live full lives, build independence, and stay connected to the wider community.

We’re not the only ones who love the West Roxbury home. It was recently featured on page one of the Boston Globe. Read the Globe story.

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