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A World of Masks

December 1, 2021

Don't miss the opportunity to see the creativity of the Advocates community! Visit Advocates' World of Masks art gallery now.

Throughout the month of December, over 20 masks representing diverse cultures made by members of Advocates Life Skills and Learning Center will be on display at the Weston Public Library. Each mask is the creative culmination of several months work of researching and crafting. From Kenya to Ancient Greece, these amazing paper-mache masks represent how and why different cultures around the world wore masks.

"Because masks are still required at the Life Skills and Learning Center, I thought it might be interesting and fun for the group to learn about masks from around the world and try to re-create some for themselves," says Eric Dwinnells, Senior Case Manager for Community Based Day Services (CBDS).

So, what are you waiting for? Visit A World of Masks until December 30th at the Weston Public Library! 

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