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Recognizing Family Caregivers

January 11, 2019

Family caregivers devote their entire life to ensuring their loved ones have the best life possible, and they deserve recognition. Every November, family caregivers are nationally recognized for their hardwork and dedication during National Caregiver Appreciation Month. 

In honor of National Caregiver Appreciation Month, Advocates hosts a contest to support family caregivers. A family caregiver can be nominated by a friend, colleague, or family member to receive a special relaxation package that includes a restaurant, spa, and Visa gift cards. 

This year, out of 37 nominations, there were four winners: a single mother of four, two with autism, one with sensory challenges; a widow and sole caregiver of a son with severe medical needs; a mother who works full-time and is a full-time caregiver of her adult son with a traumatic brain injury; and a mother of a toddler with autism and a rare form of scoliosis. Read more about the winners below:

Caregiver Contest Infographic