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Behind the scenes of Advocates summeroffun campaign

Candace Cody
The CauseVox Blog
July 30, 2015

Nestled in between Worcester and Boston rests Framingham, a historical town in Massachusetts known as the gathering spot for members of the abolitionist movement.

Today, the light of social justice still shines in Framingham with Advocates, a nonprofit that has been serving Massachusetts for the last 40 years. They partner with people with mental health needs and disabilities, elders, and those with brain injuries to give them the support they need to live happy, healthy, and productive lives.

In an effort to provide additional programs, Advocates recently launched their #Summeroffun Campaign. Jennifer, Advocates’ Director of Marketing and Communication, explains more about the campaign:

What is the #Summeroffun crowdfunding campaign about?

The #Summeroffun campaign is an effort to provide recreational outings for the people we serve. Many of our other programs are funded by the government – with the exception of recreation. But with our mission to help people have better lives, providing recreation for them is a fundamental need.