Letter: Advocates’ new undertaking

Glenn S. Malloy
The MetroWest Daily News
March 12, 2019

As a strong advocate of mental and emotional wellness, here in MetroWest, for the last 20 years, I am excited about a new ministry or undertaking by Advocates, the largest social agency in Massachusetts, whose headquarters are situated right here in Framingham. One of Advocates mantras is Caring Partners- Creative Solutions- Better Lives.

Because of Advocates excellent reputation over the years, they obtained a much sought-after grant, enabling Advocates to purchase a home located on Union Avenue, directly across from the former Marian High School. This home is called, “The Living Room,” which accurately reflects the essence of its vision: to create a cha-sha, a safe place where any person can drop by, especially if they are experiencing a crisis, or facing overwhelming difficulties, problems or emotional distress.

When one enters this home, he sees not a cold, sterile clinic, staffed by analytical, professional therapists, but instead, one is encountered with the warmth of an inviting “home”, or “safe place”, with comfortable leather seats and couches; drapes; carpeting; a large color television for viewing; a CD player to listen to uplifting music; beautiful paintings on the wall by local artists; as well as light refreshments and appetizers.

There is no fee or insurance papers to fill out, no forms. Everything is confidential. The home is staffed from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., every day, by eight highly trained and caring counselors, who they themselves, at one time, encountered real-life difficulties and problems, and successfully overcame them. There is no cost whatsoever to the clients availing these services.