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Co-Response COVID Corner: Bonnie's Reflections

Monthly reflections on care in the pandemic

Advocates Co-Response Training & Technical Assistance Center
May 28, 2021

More than a year into our collective life in the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Advocates Co-Response Training and Technical Assistance Center (CR-TTAC) have worked with our partners to offer care while also being members of our shared communities. We decided it's a good idea to talk about the difficult, rewarding, and often inspiring experiences we're having and what we are learning.

Each month, we will highlight reflections from members of our clinical staff who share what they have been learning, offering, receiving, and thinking about as they engage this work in challenging circumstances.

This month, Bonnie Cuccaro - Jail Diversion Supervisor (Framingham) - shares her thoughts in response to two guiding questions: What has been most lifegiving working in the pandemic? And, what are you learning and taking with you as you engage your community?

Bonnie's Reflections

What has been most life-giving?

Witnessing other people struggle with a new normal, dealing with the loss of their identity as they knew it, changes in work conditions, loss of connections with family and friends, inability to engage in social activities, I felt privileged to have a mission and purpose. I knew that I needed to show up to work every day because so many people needed help.

What are you learning that you are carrying with you?

I’ve learned that we are creative and resilient and that despite challenges people can always find ways to comfort and support one another.  I have been honored to work alongside a group of clinicians who have refused to let this pandemic stop them in their tracks.