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‘Cam special:’ HS football teams help player with Down syndrome score touchdown

Todd Kazakiewich
April 22, 2021

TYNGSBOROUGH, Mass. — Tyngsborough High School senior Cam Allard has always wanted to be the quarterback and during a game last week against Littleton, he got his chance.

"I scored a touchdown,” said Allard, who has Down syndrome.

Fellow senior Tucker Carmichael took the snap and handed off to Allard.

“I've known him since kindergarten. He's always been a competitor and it was awesome to be able to see him compete on the field with us," Carmichael said.

Tyler Ducharme caught the pass for a touchdown.

"It was awesome to see him smile and make his day," Ducharme said.

"It makes me feel good," Allard said.

The team had been practicing the play and named it for Allard.

"It's called 'Cam Special,'" he said.

After the touchdown, Allard celebrated with a "Gronk Spike" and a "Cam Newton Superman."