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Advocates & HMEA Affiliation Becomes Official

Diane Gould, Advocates President and CEO
July 1, 2021

Dear Advocates Community,

I am delighted to share that today, July 1, marks the official start to our affiliation with HMEA!

Advocates and HMEA have a long history of collaboration and partnership. We are excited to bring together our missions, visions, and values in formal partnership with each other.

Our affiliation is all about opportunity for expanding existing services and adding new services, for growth and promotion potential for staff, and for learning from each other’s great workforce and those who are at the heart of what we do: the people and families we support.

Beginning today, we will undergo a long-term planning process to consider ways to make the most of the combined strengths of each partner, including IT; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; and training. 

We believe this affiliation is the best of both worlds. It means adopting the best from both organizations to meet the growing need for services; to have more influence in advocating for the combined 2,200 staff who make up the Advocates and HMEA workforces; and to better support the 35,000 children, adults, and families served by the two organizations.

We want to hear from you! Have questions or comments about the affiliation?

  • Employees may reach out to:

Janine Taylor, Vice President of Human Resources or (508) 628-6416

  • Families, people served, and community partners may reach out to:

Nicole St. Amand, Senior Director of Marketing & Communications or (508) 628-6442

  • Media inquiries may be directed to:

Kevin Gould Stryker-Munley Group, Boston on behalf of Advocates and HMEA or (774) 545-5142


Thank you for all that you do in the Advocates community and will do to welcome our expanded HMEA community. 



Diane Gould, LICSW
President and CEO


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