SLI Neuro Wellness Events

SLI Neuro Wellness is a series of recreational activities and social events created for adults living with brain injury offered in partnership by Advocates and the SLI Brain Injury Health and Wellness Center. Events are held at Supportive Living Inc. (SLI) residences and other sites in the community. View the February Events flyer here. 

All events are $5.00 unless otherwise indicated. To register for activities, please download the enrollment form and send it to

June Events Schedule

Brain Injury Support Group
June 4, June 18 | 3:30 - 4:30 PM | No fee

Mark West Piano Performance at Douglas House
June 9 | 12:00 PM | $5

Summer Solstice Cookout
June 20 | 11:00 AM | $5


Summer Class Schedule

Adaptive Exercise Class | June 12 - August 16

Research shows that exercise is good for both the mind and body, and that survivors of brain injury can continue to improve their physical and cognitive fitness long after their initial injuries. Each one-hour session in our adaptive exercise class features aerobic exercise to improve cardiovascular health and functional exercise to improve strength and mobility. In this class you will receive one-on-one support to help you work towards your specific fitness goals in a fun, social environment with adaptive equipment such as NuStep trainers, treadmills with harnesses and qualified trainers. $15 fee per class (fee may be negotiable).

Neuro Wellness Center, 7 Oakland St., Lexington | Monday-Friday 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 and 4:00 PM
Lynch/van Otterloo YMCA, 46 Legs Hill Rd., Marblehead | Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00 AM
Center for Balance, Mobility and Wellness, Gordon College, 26 Hull St., Wenham | Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 1:00 PM

Boxing for Balance, Core and More | June 10 - August 12

Fitness boxing presents an opportunity to increase your heart rate, improve your strength and practice maintaining your balance in a dynamic environment. Our setup of punching bags and a professional instructor in the Neuro Wellness Center is ideal for those looking for a safe and fun way to explore boxing as a fitness opportunity. $5 fee per class.
Neuro Wellness Center, 7 Oakland Street, Lexington, MA | Mondays 6:30 PM

Yo-Abilities: Chair Yoga | June 11 - August 13

Participants in this class have the opportunity to improve posture, flexibility, range of motion and more through guided, adaptive yoga classes taught by a professional instructor. These yoga classes accommodate those with mobility issues that might hinder their ability to participate in other yoga classes in the community. $5 fee per class.
McLaughlin House, 333 Park Street, North Reading, MA | Tuesdays 6:30 PM

Expressive Arts | June 13 - August 12

Our expressive arts class is an opportunity to receive instruction from a professional art teacher in a group setting to engage in self-expression through art projects such as painting and sculpting. $5 fee per class.
McLaughlin House, 333 Park Street, North Reading, MA | Thursdays 10:30 AM
Old Farm Rockport, 291 Granite Street, Rockport, MA | Mondays 10:30 AM

Drumming Class | June 10 - August 12

Work with a professional percussion instructor in a great space to learn new rhythms and make new friends. All instruments provided. $5 fee per class. Note: Thursday classes alternate between McLaughlin and Warren Houses
McLaughlin House, 333 Park St., North Reading, MA | Thursdays 3:00 PM (Alternating)
Warren House, 17 Warren Ave., Woburn, MA | Thursdays 3:00 PM (Alternating)
Old Farm Rockport, 291 Granite Street, Rockport, MA | Mondays 2:00 PM

Chess Club | June 13 - August 8

Chess is a great way for people with brain injury to get involved in a game that is fun and challenging, while promoting cognitive functioning at the same time. No fee.
Note: classes occur every other Thursday beginning June 13th.
Douglas House, 7 Oakland Street, Lexington, MA | Thursdays 6:30 PM

Stroke and Aphasia Conversation Club | June 20 - August 15

Engage in conversations led by instructors about sports, current events, movies and more. No fee.
Note: classes occur every other Thursday beginning June 20th.
Douglas House, 7 Oakland Street, Lexington, MA | Thursdays 6:30pm


The Live Well Event Series is supported by the Statewise Head Injury Program (SHIP), a program of Community Based Services, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.