More than a job


As Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Advocates, Nicole is known around the office for her friendly professionalism, creativity, and design savvy. But her commitment to Advocates doesn't stop there. She's also a passionate supporter and donor. Last spring, Nicole fundraised on behalf of our Fun, Friends, & Family events – raising $500! The donations she raised provided an afternoon of Indoor Mini-Golf at our Like Skills & Learning Center for individuals with disabilities and their families. Nicole ventured out on a Saturday to enjoy the smiles of the many mini-golfers who turned out and to take her own turn with the putter.  Read on to learn more from Nicole about why she chooses to support Advocates.

Could you share why you chose to direct your fundraising efforts to Advocates Fun, Friends, & Family events?

One of my favorite parts of working for Advocates is meeting and interacting with the people we serve. I spend my work days behind a computer, contributing to the identity of the organization, but these special events give me the opportunity to get out of the office. It warms my heart to go to these events and see friends of Advocates enjoy recreational activities outside of their homes. We’re providing great opportunities for individuals with disabilities to get out and socialize. When I began raising money for the Photo Scavenger Hunt, I knew Fun, Friends, & Family was the perfect place to direct my funds, because recreational activities are not often funded by traditional sources.

You’re original fundraising goal was $250, yet you were able to double your goal and raise $500! How did that happen? 

I was so surprised to double my goal!  It was definitely the motivation to provide dozens of individuals and their families with a fun, exciting activity. Connecting with friends and family by email made it possible to raise the money. I had no idea I was capable of fundraising those funds on my own. It was great sharing Advocates’ mission with my close friends and family.  

If the opportunity presents itself, would you participate in another fundraising activity? Would you direct your funds to Advocates Fun, Friends, & Family again, or choose another area of Advocates?

Of course! I would love to raise money for another Fun, Friends, & Family event. It would be fun to find an indoor bowling rental company or have baby barn animals come visit our Life Skills & Learning Center. Last year we had Animal Adventures come and that was so much fun. I think cute barn animals would draw even more attention! 

You attended the Indoor Mini-Golf event.  Could you please share a few words about the day and your interaction with individuals, families, and staff?

It was wonderful to see people enjoy indoor mini golf on a cold winter day. You could tell it made their Saturday afternoon a little brighter, and it was definitely the highlight of my weekend! I even brought my friend along to share the experience with her. 

What do you wish other people (donors, individuals served, co-workers, community members, etc.) knew about supporting Advocates? 

I wish more people understood the wide range of services that Advocates provides. It’s amazing how much the staff and leadership of Advocates do to make life better for people with disabilities and other life challenges.